How to write a solid thesis approach

A thesis approach is important because it tells the audience what to expect from a job, answer the questions you raised, expresses a position that others may differ and present your argument. A solid thesis approach is clear.



Decide what kind of essay writing going. If a task determines the category; analytical, if an idea divides into several parts and analyzes; explanatory, if you explain something with facts and statistics or argumentative if defends and test an approach with evidence. The thesis approaches can be used for other types of texts, such as personal narrative, but generally apply to the three types mentioned text.

Raises a question about your topic. For example, if your task is to explain why you think cigarettes should be illegal, you should ask something like “Why do I think that cigarettes should be illegal?”.

Make a list of ideas for your question. Continuing with the same example, if the question is about cigars, know as much as possible about them, including their effects on the body, society, etc..

Compose a reply. Begins “Cigarettes should be illegal because …” and continues with a summary of the facts and statistics about cigars and their harmful effects. An alternative answer might be “Because emphysema killed X number of smoking, as lung cancer is very common.” This response also serves as your thesis approach.

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